Criminal Justice

Our work is centered on working toward a world without prisons through alternative means to conflict resolution and community accountability.

See our Criminal Justice campaigns below: 

Police Accountability

We began the struggle for Police Accountability back in March of 2018. Since then, we have engaged in a 2-year-long process that has included conversations with our Common Council members, community members, and other leaders in the field, including the New York Civil Liberties Union. We moved our platform from a set of common sense demands to a comprehensive piece of legislation. Now we are in the final stretch of our organizing! We hope to have the legislation passed through the Laws and Rules Committee, and then on through the Common Council, in early 2020. We need you to make it happen! Join the fight for #PoliceAccountability in Kingston:

We've been working on Police Accountability in Kingston since March 2018, see our full action timeline here.

Read our proposed legislation here. 

View our Police Accountability Information Packet here.

Increase The Peace

We call Kingston to Rise Up Above Violence and commit to the following pillars to create a #ViolenceFreeKingston: 

  • Respond to conflict in ways that will not harm a person, their autonomy, or their dignity
  • Respect others as well as myself
  • Value others as well as myself
  • Choose to Rise Up Above Violence
  • Commit to peace one day at a time
  • Help each other get the resources we need in our lives
  • Have conversations with each other about how to handle conflict differently
  • Make commitments to one another to be non-violent in thoughts, words, and deeds

We are also a part of state-wide coalitions:

Repeal 50-A

50-A is a state law that is used to conceal police officer conduct from the public. The law is routinely used to protect abusive officers and to hide failed police disciplinary processes. Read more here.

HALT Solitary Confinement

The HALT (Human Alternatives to Long Term) Solitary Confinement Act is a set of provisions proposed by the #HALTSolitary Campaign and the NYC Jails Action Coalition. This Act is in direct response to Governor Cuomo’s proposed regulations concerning solitary confinement. Read more here. 

Pretrial Reform

We honored Human Rights Day 2019 by celebrating the historic pretrial reforms set to take effect on January 1, 2020. Because of these bail and discovery reforms, many fewer people will be subject to the injustice of money bail and pretrial jailing. In addition, New Yorkers will have access to the evidence in their case as prosecutors will be required to turn over all evidence 15 days after arraignment and prior to any plea deal. Listen to the entire broadcast here.