Criminal Justice

Our work is centered on working toward a world without prisons through alternative means to conflict resolution and community accountability.

See our Criminal Justice campaigns below: 

Remove Police From Our Schools

Time and time again, children in the Kingston City School District have fallen victim to racial profiling, violence, sexual harassment, and trauma at the hands of the police. The presence of police criminalizes our children, and exacerbates the school to prison pipeline, which unfairly targets Black students.

We demand:

1. An immediate and permanent cancellation of contracts with Kingston Police Department, Ulster Police Department and all law enforcement.

2. A commitment to reinvest those funds into Mental Health and Community Resources for the children in the district.

3. Investigate all complaints of Police Violence and Misconduct that have been reported to the school district.

Spread the word. Print & Share our flyer. (this version uses less ink).

Write a Letter to The Editor. 

If you have had a negative experience with Police, tell your story.


Contact The School Board at

Increase The Peace

We call Kingston to Rise Up Above Violence and commit to the following pillars to create a #ViolenceFreeKingston: 

  • Respond to conflict in ways that will not harm a person, their autonomy, or their dignity
  • Respect others as well as myself
  • Value others as well as myself
  • Choose to Rise Up Above Violence
  • Commit to peace one day at a time
  • Help each other get the resources we need in our lives
  • Have conversations with each other about how to handle conflict differently
  • Make commitments to one another to be non-violent in thoughts, words, and deeds