Rise Up Kingston is a grassroots organization led by those experiencing racism, classism, and gender oppression on a daily basis. We organize to win, with our collective power, a Kingston economy that meets all of our social and environmental needs.


We envision a community where we are safe, where our shared social and environmental needs are met, and where we have the power, dignity, and self-determination to decide how.


  • We believe that there are enough resources for everyone, and together we fight for solutions that recognize and utilize our interdependence.
  • We believe that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution. By following the leadership of those most impacted by oppression we ensure that our solutions will make meaningful and enduring changes.
  • We believe that those most impacted by oppression should have control of the systems and solutions meant to serve us.
  • We believe that the strongest resistance to racialized capitalism comes when groups from all class and race backgrounds show up together in solidarity under the leadership of those most oppressed.
  • We recognize oppression and the destruction of our environment as intertwined problems such that we cannot address one without considering the impact on the other.