Rising Up This Week - July 9th

This past week has been a whirlwind for the Rise Up Kingston family.

On July 4th, Lisa's son Devine was shot in Kingston, and while he is the hospital, trying to beat the odds and regain his ability to walk, Lisa & Rise Up Kingston have made a commitment to #IncreaseThePeace and push for a #ViolenceFreeKingston. We'll be out on the corner of Henry & Prospect every night this week to encourage people to commit to Unity.

There was so much joy to hear that Cassandra delivered a handsome baby boy on July 7th. Congratulations to Cassandra! While Cassandra is out, please contact me in her place - Callie@RiseUpKingston.org.

As promised, here are a few solid ways that you can get involved with Rise Up Kingston.  

Community Support Team: We know that directly impacted people are the only ones who can craft the solutions to our struggles. Lisa tells me all the time that once people know they have the support, they are more willing to fight - and not just for themselves, but for a real change to the systems and power structures that are oppressing us.

To that end, we are creating a team to support people through some of the challenges that come up in every day experiences such as housing, education, and criminal justice advocacy. There would be training required, and more details are to come, but please let me know if you're interested in the joining the Support Team.


Community Outreach: Every Tuesday at 5:30 - members of our Community Outreach Team will be hitting the streets and talking to the community about issues that are impacting them. This outreach team is growing from the grassroots with directly impacted people who live in our community, we'll have training so if you haven't done it before, that's fine! We're going to talk to our neighbors! Reach out to Lisa (Lisa@RiseUpKingston.org) for more information.

Reach out if you can support the work in a different way, it might just be something that we need! Thanks for all your help!

In Solidarity,


PS: If you haven't marked this date down already, make sure you join us to Rise Up For Justice!

Callie Jayne