Rise Up Newsletter - July 30th

Hey! Happy Monday!

This newsletter is an attempt to keep you up to date on all of the important things that we’re working on here at Rise Up Kingston. I’m not sure that I could include everything we’re working on and sum it all up into something you’d want to read on a Monday, so each week, I’m going to share some highlights & ways you can get involved. Thanks for your commitment to working together to build Kingston into a more just community.


As you probably know, we’ve been looking into the Kingston Police Contract, and reached out to our City Council Members asking them to vote NO on the police contract if it should come up to a vote without addressing some of the changes we pointed out in March of this year.

While we haven’t gotten the commitment, our Majority Leader has responded that we will coordinate a public forum to discuss this issue, which will give our elected officials the opportunity to hear why a major review of this contract is needed in order to protect the community. Across the country, communities have added the changing police contract to strategies for Police Reform. We’re going to keep moving forward on this, but in the meantime, contact your City Council Member and tell them to VOTE NO on a police contract that doesn’t prioritize Police Accountability.

The City of Kingston is using revenue from the parking meters to launch a Participatory Budgeting Program in Kingston. There is $15,000 for each of the cities’ three Business Districts - Midtown, Uptown, & Downtown. Participatory Budgeting is a step towards community control of our resources. We need to submit our project ideas, show up to the meetings, and let our voice be heard.  There are three community visioning meetings - make sure you make it to one of them!


Monday, August 13th
City Hall (420 Broadway)


Tuesday, August 14th
LGBTQ Community Center (300 Wall St.)


Tuesday, August 28th
Hudson River Maritime Museum (50 Rondout Landing)

We will be providing children's activities at each of the meetings to allow greater accessibility to our community, and make sure our children’s voices are heard in this process as well. You can find more information here about the three visioning sessions or submit project ideas here: http://bit.ly/RUKPB

Upcoming Events

Black Lives Matter Hudson Valley, 100 Sisters, Rise Up Kingston #FreedomSummer #NoMoreBusinessAsUsual Actions On August 18th at 10:30AM- BLM Hudson Valley, 100 Sisters and Rise Up Kingston are staging Disruptive Actions All over the Hudson Valley around the Calling of police on Black People, and the Killing & Abuse of Black Women by vigilantes. Each organization will pick a bridge or road & shut it down. Please contact callie@riseupkingston.orgfor more details.

SAVE THE DATE September 26, 2018 at 6:00PM for a Housing Justice Forum- an opportunity to speak about how you've been impacted by the housing issues in our community, and how we can move towards Housing Justice in Kingston.

Become a Monthly Sustaining Donor of Rise Up Kingston Here and support the work.

Rise Up RadioEvery Thursday from 1:00PM - 3:00PM, we have different guests, and we have the difficult conversations, and make you think about things that you don't normally think about.

Callie Jayne