Rising Up This Week! July 2nd!

Thanks to everyone who came out over the weekend to the Families Belong Together rally! Grateful for all of the Immigrants who took the lead and let their voices be heard. Including Rise Up Kingston board member Silvana Ramos, who had three important things to tell the crowd. Watch her speech here: http://bit.ly/2lQ3iaw

Over the past few weeks we've been meeting with community members to hear the vision of what Kingston could be, and what people need. Listening to the voices of the most directly impacted people is the only way that we can have a massive shift in the power dynamics in our community.

Our Community Organizing Meetings are happening once a month where People of Color, Low Income People, LGBTQ & other directly impacted communities are coming together to build strategy to make this change. If you don't haven't been to one of these meetings, but feel like you should be. Contact Lisa@RiseUpKingston.org to find out more!

Over the next few weeks, we're going to be sending out opportunities for allies to take more solid volunteer roles within the Rise Up Kingston Movement. We have prioritized (and will continue to prioritize) those who aren't often given space, and identifying exactly what our needs are before bringing you all in. Keep an eye out for specific ways to Rise Up with us.

In the meantime - every little bit that you can give to support the work is appreciated. Make a contribution here: http://bit.ly/SupportRUK

Stay cool today, and drink water!

In Solidarity,

PS: If you haven't marked this date down already, make sure you join us to Rise Up For Justice on July 21st. More information here: http://bit.ly/RiseUp4Justice


Callie Jayne