Rise Up Kingston Newsletter

It’s finally spring time! Take some time to enjoy the sun’s rays today. Our desire is to build community economies here in Kingston.

But still, what does that even mean?

There are lots of different resources out there that you can look into- Take Back The Economy is one of my favorites. But don’t feel like you have to read it. We’re going to be holding community workshops and activities to move through some of these conversations as a community. There will be fun & music involved. Just wait!

Here’s the basic premise: If we make sure that all of the decisions that we make are centered on our Collective Social and Environmental Needs, everyone in our community will be able to thrive.

Not just survive, but thrive.

If we want to Rise Up, we need to Show Up. We’re going to do our best to keep you up to date on upcoming actions that we feel are important. Like us on Facebook if you want to be updated more regularly. This is a collective effort, so please LET US KNOW if there are things we should share out.

ALSO! Let me know if you’re interested in helping to write this newsletter so we can send it out more often.

See you soon! Thanks for all you’re doing!

In Solidarity,

Rise Up Kingston is less than two months old, and we’re so grateful for everyone who has supported us over the past two months. We’ve attended court dates, faced off with State Troopers at the Tappan Zee Bridge, and officially launched Rise Up Kingston!

Our budget is modest, prioritizing breaking down the structures of capitalism in our hiring practices, and supporting our people. Most of our support will come from our collective resources, but we need your help.

We need 250 people to sign up for $20 monthly donations to help move us forward! This local support allows us to focus on community needs, not grant deliverables.

There are two ways you can support this:

  1. Sign up here, right now, to be a monthly contributor

  2. Join the RUK Grassroots Fundraising Team & use your social networks to help Rise Up Kingston.  

If you’re interested in joining the RUK Grassroots Fundraising Team or making a tax deductible donation through our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, please reach out to Callie at Callie@RiseUpKingston.Org for more information.

Upcoming Events:

Below are different Meetings and Community Events that Rise Up Kingston will be at, or that we wanted to make sure that you, the community knew about! Please always check the city’s website for the city meetings.

Imagine if 30 people started showing up to every committee meeting!

May 9th @ ??: City of Kingston Finance Meeting

As of May 1st at 7:45PM this meeting is not on the city calendar, but should be scheduled at this time. We are working with the city to try to increase their transparency on such important meeting.

The City of Kingston Finance Meeting is the first stop for all issues around money for our city. Contracts - including the Police Contract - go through this Committee. The decisions around spending grants, and laws that end up costing money, will go through this committee as well.

May 10 @ 6PM Middle School Career Fair

M Clifford Miller Middle School  @ 65 Fording Place Road Lake Katrine

Rise Up Kingston will be at the Middle School Career Fair.  Middle school parents, please make sure you bring your kids out, and stop by our table.

May 15 @ 8:45 AM: 50A Lobby Day!

Join us to carpool from Kingston to Albany: RSVP here: http://bit.ly/2FvdVXO

 In January, The City of Kingston Corporation Counsel Kevin Bryant told commissioners that Mayor Steve Noble’s plan for transparency including written decisions in police discipline cases, would violate Civil Service Law section 50(a) which mandates confidentiality of all “personnel records used to evaluate performance towards continued employment or promotion.”

On May 15th, Rise Up Kingston will be joining Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) and New York Civil Liberties Union - NYCLU for a lobby day in Albany to call for the repeal of 50(a).

May 16th @ 4:00PM: Police Commission Meeting

Kingston City Hall 420 Broadway Kingston NY

May 16th @ 6:00PM: KCSD School Board Meeting

Kingston City School Board 61 Crown Street Kingston NY

May 16th @ 6:30PM: Laws & Rules Committee Meeting

Kingston City Hall 420 Broadway Kingston NY

May 19th @ 11:00AM: My Kingston Kids Fest

The Lace Mill 165 Cornell Street Kingston NY
Fun activities all day for the kids. Find the Rise Up Kingston Table there!

May 22 @ 5:30PM: #FREENewYork Town Hall

Kingston Library 55 Franklin Street Kingston NY

25,000+ New Yorkers are caged in county jails across our state each day. They are legally innocent but caged because they cannot afford bail and trapped because their constitutional rights to due process and a fair and speedy trial are routinely violated. This is a mockery of justice.


May 23rd @ 5:00PM Public Hearing on Single-Stream Recycling

Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency 999 Flatbush Road

The UCRRA board is planning to stop accepting single-stream recyclables at the end of this year, and doubling the fees for single-stream loads until they stop the service.

June 3th @ 7:30PM Kingston City Council Meeting






Callie Jayne