Aleesa Jordan Waives Right to Trial

For Immediate Release: May 18, 2018
Contact: Lisa Lent Royer


Aleesa Jordan Waives Right to Trial
Aleesa Jordan waived her right to trial and accepted a plea deal

[Kingston, NY] Aleesa Jordan waived her right to trial at her May 14 court appearance. This was the eighth such appearance she has had to make for an arrest last year on November 15 for charges of obstruction of governmental administration and disorderly conduct.

Aleesa's plea agreement included a one year adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD) with the condition of no new charges during that period. More than 90% of trials in the United States end with the defendant waiving their right to trial.

“We all embrace these notions, these fundamental decrees of freedom and justice, liberty and fairness. We will neither accept nor allow cross-sections of our population to to be deprived of common respect or dignity.” Said Anthony Pastel, Aleesa’s Lawyer. “Especially loathsome are tactics, overt and ingrained, that shake the confidence of our youth.”

The arrest stemmed from an incident outside of Kingston High School in which Aleesa was meeting a friend outside of school to walk to work together. Police were searching for another girl involved in an unrelated incident and approached Aleesa and her friend, as they were meeting up to go to work.

Police accused the other girl of trespassing at KHS. When the police began to use excessive force on her friend, Aleesa spoke up and was subsequently assaulted by KPD officers who work as Student Resource Officers (SRO’s) at the school. Aleesa suffered a sprained wrist, and facial and chest wall contusions from being punched in the face. She was denied her inhaler for a half hour, and was sexually assaulted by an officer who later claimed he was looking for her inhaler but who did not administer it when found minutes later.

Because the cars that SRO’s use to transport our children do not have cameras, the complaint filed against the officers for excessive force and assault was dismissed for lack of evidence and they continue to work in our schools with the kids in our community.

“My daughter waived her right to trial for the same reason many others do, to get on with her life because the system is brutal and unfair, especially towards people of color.” Said Lisa Lent Royer, Aleesa Jordan’s Mother “The fight is far from over. We will continue to fight for justice and change in Kingston.”


Callie Jayne