Adrin Brodhead Waives Right To Trial

Adrin Brodhead Waives Right To Trial
Adrin Brodhead waived his right to trial and accepted a plea deal for Disorderly Conduct

[Kingston, NY] After nine months of court appearances, Adrin Brodhead chose to waive his right to trial for a Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest. Adrin was offered a plea deal which would leave him with a violation of Disorderly Conduct that would be dismissed after one year of no “unlawful conduct”.

This decision stemmed from a July 2017 Incident where Adrin was stopped by Kingston Police Officers and was tased & pepper sprayed for having an open can of beer. He was charged with Open Container, Littering & Resisting Arrest.

Adrin filed a formal complaint with the Kingston Police, and the police were given “command discipline” for their actions during the stop.

“As much as Mr. Brodhead wanted to have the police conduct come to light in a court of law, he believes the non-criminal final disposition of the case will allow the community and police to begin to heal and take away lessons from his case. He is hopeful that the Kingston police Department will ramp up it’s de-escalation and racial sensitivity training.” said Public Defender Andrew Kossover

Plea bargains are far too often the only option for people who don’t have the access to resources or the flexibility to have long trials. According to #FREEnewyork, a campaign led by Just Leadership USA, 98% of criminal cases are resolved by plea deals, rather than by going to trial, because of New York’s unjust criminal court process. Adrin Brodhead says he’s going to keep fighting.

“Adrin's case highlights so many of the issues with the structures of our society. So Many of the laws on the books are unjust, and in the courtroom, we can only fight within the current scope of the law.” said Callie Jayne, of Rise Up Kingston. “We will continue to uplift the voices of the community as we push to break down the Criminal Injustice System which unfairly targets people of color and low-income people in Kingston.”



Callie Jayne