Community Members Rally Around Community Organizer Facing Trespassing Charges

Owners of Seven21 Media Center and Ellenbogen Creative Media had a Criminal Summons mailed to Callie Jayne after recognizing her from inside the building.

Kingston, NY - On March 12, Community Organizer and Co-Director of Rise Up Kingston, Callie Jayne received a Criminal Summons for Trespassing on March 5th in the parking lot at the Seven21 Building which houses Congressman John Faso. Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson organized this action to demand that Congressman John Faso take action to protect DREAMers and all eleven million undocumented immigrants. Jayne’s organization Rise Up Kingston was one of the co-hosts along with the The New York Immigration Coalition, Citizen Action of New York, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, SURJ Ulster County, IndivisibleNY19, and Worker Justice Center of New York. Community Members, Leaders, and Elected Officials are calling for Seven21 Media Center and Ellenbogen Creative Media to drop the charges against Jayne.

“Callie fights daily against injustice, and now is now being tied up in the Criminal Injustice System. She’s been fighting alongside me since I was brutalized by Kingston Police Department last July, her persistence led to the discipline of four officers. Her spending time having to defend herself makes our city worse, not better. Shame on Seven21 Media and Ellenbogen Creative Media.” - Adrin Brodhead, Kingston Resident

"As one of the organizers of the rally, I can say that we made every effort to respect the safety and liability concerns of Seven21 Media Center as we understood them at the time. We had our own marshals to help with crowd control and I personally contacted the Kingston Police Department to inform them of our plans to stage a peaceful rally at that location. At no point in time did we receive a warning from the property owners, nor was there any signage or barriers to indicate that participants would be risking arrest by merely setting foot in the Seven21 parking lot. I am genuinely confounded by their decision to single out Callie Jayne for this criminal complaint, among dozens who participated. Callie is not a criminal. She is a social justice leader in our community who deserves our respect and support. I hope the court will see this complaint for what it is--petty and retaliatory. Moreover, I am frustrated that Seven21's actions have distracted from the important message of our rally. Dreamers need action from Congress NOW to protect them from deportation. Congressman Faso still refuses to support passage of a clean DREAM Act and, until he does, we not be deterred from protest." - Emma Kreyche, Worker Justice Center of New York.

“I am very disappointed with Seven21 for targeting Callie Jayne. It is clear that they are trying to make us afraid to exercise our First Amendment Rights, but it is just the opposite. We will not be silenced, and we will work even harder to make sure justice is served.” -Lisa Royer, Community Organizer, Rise Up Kingston

"I am deeply troubled by Seven21 Media targeting local leader Callie Mackenzie Jayne.  They knew when they rented their offices to a political figure there would need to be flexibility. They've chosen to target Callie deliberately. Seven21 must be called to account." - Hector Rodriguez, Ulster County Legislator

“People should not have to fear arrest when they participate in protests or when they want to make their concerns heard by their elected officials. Punishing those who exercise their first amendment right to protest creates a chilling effect that is harmful to the wellbeing of our community and our democracy.” - Shannon Wong, Director of the Lower Hudson Valley Chapter, New York Civil Liberties Union

“Seven21 claims this charge is non-political, but it is a political choice to single out and target a Black leader in Kingston. People and organizations throughout the Hudson Valley will have Callie’s back in court on Tuesday, and we’ll have her back every day after that.” - Jonathan Bix, Executive Director of Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson


Callie Jayne