Rise Up(dates)! October 29

Good Morning, Happy Monday!

This morning, I needed to be around people, so I came out to get some coffee, and I'm writing this update from the bar at Rough Draft.

This past week's rise of White Supremacy & Anti-Semitism has taken a toll on me and those around me, and I came in to a sign that said "hate has no home here" and offered a "pay-it-forward" coffee. (Which I accepted, and then bought a few more.)

It just feels amazing to know there's safe spaces in our community.

All this is to say that despair might be drowning you this week, but, find the things that give you hope, call a friend, take a walk, go to your local coffee shop. Also, check in on your friends. They may be feeling it too.

*deep breath*

Don't forget that next Tuesday is Election Day! While in the long run, we must make changes to the way we handle decision making in our communities to shift the power dynamics that have gotten us to this point, it's important for us to be aware of the power our elected officials have in our current system, and use the power we do have to make changes.

We have the opportunity voice our opinions through voting on some of the most important issues that are affecting our lives. If you don't participate, someone else will - does that person share your values?

“Selma, Alabama, became a shining moment in the conscience of man. … The battle is in our hands. And we can answer with creative nonviolence the call to higher ground to which the new directions of our struggle summons us. The road ahead is not altogether a smooth one.  There are no broad highways that lead us easily and inevitably to quick solutions. But we must keep going.” —Martin Luther King Jr., from the address at the conclusion of the Selma to Montgomery March

Make a voting plan now- the polls are open 6a - 9p and the KCSD are closed. 

1. Where is your polling place? (find it here)
2. How will you get there? (let us know if you need a ride!)
3. What time will you go? (Seriously. Think about it, and put it on your calendar. Before work, after work, with the kids, without the kids, who will watch the kids?)

Now, let's motivate everyone you know to make a vote plan! Go live on social media and share your voting plan, and WHY you're voting! Tag Rise Up Kingston, and use the Hashtags #RiseUpKingston #KingstonNYVotes

In Solidarity,

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Wednesday, November 7th @ 6:00PM: Organizing Meeting
At these meetings, we come together get updates, discuss and strategize issues that we're working on. This month, we're going to be discussing updates on police reform, and strategize on our campaign for police accountability.

To RSVP, please contact Lisa@RiseUpKingston.org

Tuesday November 13th @ 11AM: Reenvisioning The Police Commission 
Hudson Valley Maritime Museum

Wednesday November 14th @ 7PM: Reenvisioning The Police Commission
The Hodge Center

Please let us know if you are bringing your little people.

This will be a participatory forum for discussing how to make our community safer. We are going to look closely at and think about ideas to strengthen training, selection of members, and direction.  You will have an opportunity to hear from members of the Common Council and RiseUp Kingston, learn about different Police Commission Models, and voice your opinion on how we can make our communities safer.

Facebook Event

Wednesday November 21, 2018 @ 6:00PM: Housing Justice Meeting

702 Broadway Kingston, NY

We will come together and continue Strategy on Housing Justice for the city of Kingston. Contact Lisa@RiseUpKingston.org to RSVP.

Callie Jayne